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The first time verification in Korea - No.1 PPI Global fire-fighting piping
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  • Our high-strength water pipe system achieved world-class performance, surpassing international standards
  • Confirmed the lifespan criteria of 100 years based on ISO 1167-1
  • Acquired New Excellent Product (NEP) certification (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) and acquired Green Technology, Green Technology Product Certification (Ministry of Environment)
  • Acquired NSF, ASTM, AWWA certification and obtained FEB approval
  • Installed at the Pyeongtaek site of the US Military Base Relocation Program
iPVCDH2040 pipe
iPVC DH2040 pipe image
  • Since it's five times stronger than iron pipes for the first time in the world, it is suitable for large buildings such as skyscrapers, apartments, hotels and long lifespan houses
  • It is a high strength and impact strength drainage pipe system, satisfying its impact strength, durability, constructability and economic feasibility
  • A worldwide leading company in sound a proof industry. Applying the best sound proof technology, thereby solving drainage noises
  • Acquired Green Technology, Green Technology Product Certification (Ministry of Environment)
C-PVC pipe
(Fire sprinkler pipe)
C-PVC pipe image
  • We greatly improved our pipe's heat resistance to make them extremely reliable for use in hot and cold water supply and fire sprinkler system at high temperature
  • This pipe is suitable for hot and cold water pipes, passing the tests for ISO 15877-1 and KSM 3414 standards
  • PPI C-PVC pipe is suitable for sprinklers as it satisfies technical requirements for performance certification and product tests notified by the National Emergency Management Agency
  • Confirmed its semi permanent durability, more than +50years
VG2 pipe image
  • The premier product in Korea, represented by its quality
  • KS/JIS-certified high quality piping materials with excellent physical properties due to its uniform texture and excellent adhesiveness
  • This pipe is being used in Samsung's electronic semiconductor line
  • Applicable to drainage pipes for houses, buildings and many other parts