• PPI Pipe’s most advanced soundproof fitting, with a patented Intuitive Window
    that ensures secure installation
  • A dual-layer consisting of an Impact-Resistant Polypropylene inner layer which allows
    for superior drainage flow, covered by a sound insulating second layer of PVC
    by applying 2-Layer Structure and 3 Round Pads
  • A patented three round pad soundproof feature completes the Five-Stage Soundproof Design
  • The GLS-W Fitting soundproof design helps significantly reduce flushing,
    vibration and flow noise that are associated with high rise building drainage systems
  • The GLS-W’s Glue Less technology allows for the fitting to be disassembled
    and repositioned without having to replace the entire fitting
  • The GLS-W is fully compatible with both ABS and PVC Pipe

Introduction Video of GLS with Intuitive Window

Intuitive Window Ensures Secure Installation

Intuitive Window Intuitive Window

Double Layer & Triple Round Pads can reduce
vibration and noise of drainage

Five Stage Soundproof Design

Five Stage Soundproof Design Five Stage Soundproof Design

Locking System

Locking System prevents cap loosening by vibration and water hammering from drainage

Locking System Locking System

10 times faster installation than glue type fitting

one-touch system one-touch system


규격표 모식도

Unit : IN

GLSW Hub Dimensions

Size d
d1 d2 d1, d2
 D  D1
 L  1
2" 1.972 2.646 2.382 ± 0.008 3.228 2.370 1.378 0.866
3" 3.004 3.846 3.531 ± 0.012 4.524 3.516 2.047 1.024
4" 3.886 4.870 4.520 ± 0.012 5.591 4.504 2.520 1.142

1. Tolerance of ℓ1 and L is ±2mm.
2. The ℓ section can be slightly different depending on the item.
3. Subject to change without notice for the purpose of improving quality, specifications and performance.

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