• PPI Pipe’s first Glue Less Fitting
  • Cutting Edge, Patented Technology eliminates the need for glue during installation
  • The GLF’s compression fit can help to provide up to 10 times faster installation,
    without the added mess and drying time needed of traditional glue fittings
  • The GLF is fully compatible with both ABS and PVC Pipe
  • The GLF’s Glue Less technology allows for the fitting to be disassembled
    and repositioned without having to replace the entire fitting

PPI’s GLF fittings provide the benefit of up to a ten times faster installation over glue type fittings by using the below one-touch system

one-touch system one-touch system

Locking System

Locking System prevents loosening of the fitting by potential vibration or water hammer caused by drainage during operation

Locking System Locking System


규격표 모식도

Unit : inch

Size d
d1 d2  D  D1
 L  1
1½" 1.539 2.134 1.909 2.661 1.898 1.240 0.768
2" 1.972 2.646 2.382 3.228 2.370 1.378 0.866
3" 3.004 3.846 3.531 4.524 3.516 2.047 1.024
4" 3.886 4.870 4.520 5.591 4.504 2.520 1.142

1. Tolerance of ℓ1 and d is ±2mm.
2. The specifications may be subject to change without prior notification in order to improve performance.
3. GLF is for household use. When using it for other purposes, please install it only after a technical consultation.

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